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Faith in the Future: Seattle Union Gospel Mission

Faith in the Future: Seattle Union Gospel Mission

Leesa donates 293 mattresses to the historic West Coast shelter.

We’re continually inspired by the uplifting work our giving partners do. It’s a reminder that the world is full of heartache, yes, but it’s also a place where strangers devote their lives to healing that heartache.

A few weeks back, Leesa had the opportunity to donate 293 brand-new mattresses to the Seattle Union Gospel Mission, which provides emergency and long-term shelter to the hurting and homeless of Seattle

Seattle Photo 1

Our Head of Social Impact, Sophie Wolfe, coordinates Leesa mattress donations through our Leesa One-Ten initiative and traveled to the West Coast to represent Leesa. The Mission’s team shot these stunning photos.

Seattle Photo 2

Above, several guests of the Mission’s Women & Children’s program laugh together on a new Leesa mattress.

Seattle Photo 3

In its 82-year history, the faith-based Seattle Union Gospel Mission has helped thousands of people transition to stable, secure housing and rise out of poverty.

Seattle Photo 4

What began as a program to aid people during the Great Depression continues today, with around 1,500 people attending at least one of the daily free meals the Mission serves.

Seattle Photo 5

Dana, pictured above, explained how the Mission changed her life. “I was completely broken. I didn’t have my loved ones, I didn’t have a roof over my head, and I was caught up in addiction. I’ve gone through my fair share of horrible nights, and to be able to sleep comfortably and safely – it’s just a world of difference.” Now, Dana says she has “a year clean and nothing but hope for the future.”

Seattle Photo 6

Michael is also a guest at the Mission. He described the importance of having a safe, comfortable place to sleep. “A good night’s sleep means everything. It can totally change how your day goes.”

Seattle Photo 7

Through our One-Ten program, Leesa donates one mattress to shelters and non-profits across the country for every 10 sold.

Learn more about the Seattle Union Gospel Mission’s legacy and programs, then consider making a donation to support their work.