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Leesa Mattresses as Oscar Swag

Leesa Mattresses as Oscar Swag

How many Leesa mattresses could you buy with the $230,000 Academy Awards swag bag? (And how big is that bag, anyway?)

As the pinnacle of the annual Hollywood awards show season, the Oscars has weathered its fair share of controversy over the years.

From stars treating the ceremony podium as a pulpit for their various causes célèbre (Bert Schneider reading a letter from the North Vietnamese in 1979, Michael Moore challenging President Bush in 2003, Charles Ferguson slamming Wall Street in 2011) to divisive Best Picture winners to Nicole Kidman’s chartreuse dress in 1997, the esteemed annual event always seems to provide solid fodder for the next day’s water cooler conversations.


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You’ll have to tune in tonight to the 88th Academy Awards (it’s at 8:30 pm EST and will be broadcast on ABC; check your local listings for the specific channel or log in with a participating TV provider to stream the Oscars here) to catch the most interesting moments from the ceremony itself, but we stumbled on a different kind of fun Oscars fact this morning.

You know the “swag bags” that Hollywood events always hand out to their star-studded participants? This year’s Oscars swag bag includes more than $230,000 worth of free trips, services, and goodies, including a $55,000 excursion to Israel, a $5,500 laser skin-tightening treatment, a $45,000 jaunt to Japan, and a $275 roll of Swiss toilet paper (exactly what kind of black magic does this toilet paper provide for $275 per roll??).


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Which made us wonder: How many Leesa® mattresses could you buy with $230,000?

The answer is: more than you’ll ever need (unless your yacht sleeps as many people as an aircraft carrier).

Below, we broke down how many of each size Leesa you could buy with $230,000. And because Leesa donates one mattress for every 10 sold, we showed how many mattresses we’d give to a homeless shelter for each scenario.


But perhaps the most important question here: What would you put in your $230,000 swag bag?