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Leesa to provide specialized, supplemental bed kits for hospitals

At Leesa, we make high-quality sleep products for good sleep and more good mornings. During these uncertain times, we could all use a little more good.

But like many companies, COVID-19 is greatly impacting our business, including the closing of our store at our headquarters in Virginia Beach and temporarily shutting the doors of our retail partners nationwide.

Since we started, our goal has been simple: to provide sleepers with high-quality products at an outstanding value. We have been able to do that successfully since 2014 through the hard work of our extraordinary team and a lean, efficient supply chain.

As the virus has continued to spread, we were looking for ways to help with what we know best—mattresses. So, when we were approached by a local hospital network with an ask for supplemental, full bed kits, our team put their heads and resources together to come up with a solution.

The hospital network needed:

  • A mattress that was not only comfortable, but had a cover that could be cleaned,
  • A mattress protector that was waterproof and could be cleaned,
  • A simple metal bed frame to support the mattress that could be cleaned
  • and a comfortable, durable pillow that could be covered and easily cleaned.

In just 48-hours, our Chief Product Officer and co-founder Jamie Diamonstein, along with the help from many Leesa team members, created the exact bed bundle that the hospitals are in need of.

"By leveraging the capabilities of our highly-efficient supply chain, we were able to create a bed bundle specifically for the hospitals in the fastest, most efficient way," says Diamonstein.

Over the course of a weekend, Leesa designed a new, institutionalized, 7-inch foam mattress, a new, simplified metal bed frame and a new hospital-grade mattress protector. Our pillows fit the hospital's pillow specifications.

Service has always been part of Leesa's DNA. We are proud to be a certified B Corp and, now more than ever, our team is committed to caring for and doing good in our community.

“The challenge of COVID-19 has brought the Leesa team together in ways we could never have imagined," says John Replogle, Leesa Chief Executive Officer.

"The opportunity to serve our community—the health workers on the front lines of this and the patients—during this epidemic is our calling. I’m incredibly proud of how our team has pivoted our business to serve and care for others and we hope to continue to do so.”

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