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Youth Homeless Awareness Month

Every year, more than 2 million kids in America will face a period of homelessness.

Almost 40% of the homeless population in the US is under the age of 18 and 51% of homeless youth live unsheltered, meaning they sleep outside or in a car, not in a bed.

November is National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. Help us raise awareness and join us in the fight to end youth homelessness.

What causes youth homelessness?

Youth homelessness is most commonly a result of:

  • Family conflict (abuse, neglect or trauma)
  • Economic circumstances (like poverty or housing disparities),
  • Racial gaps
  • Mental health issues and substance abuse problems.

The negative impacts of youth homelessness

Children and young adults who experience homelessness are 87% more likely to dropout of school. Those who stay in school often times fall behind, fall asleep in class and experience increased anxiety and depression, lack of focus and decreased general health.

To get out of homelessness, youth need housing and support. Housing options include short- and long-term housing, rapid re-housing and reunification with their families. They may also need access to continue or finish their educations and support seeking employment.

Introducing Leesa's One Good Bed Promise

Since Day One, we set out to build a better company, one that measures its success as much by our impact on the world as by our bottom line. To date, we've donated 36,000+ mattresses to those in need.

We are excited to continue our mission to end homelessness with our renewed commitment: the One Good Bed Promise, because something as simple as a bed can make all the difference. A good night's sleep for a child:

  • reduces depression and anxiety,
  • helps them focus and do better in school
  • and improves their immune systems and general health.

But we can't do it without you. Every mattress purchased helps us donate another mattress to a child in need. Join us in the fight to make childhood bed poverty a thing of the past.

Read more about some of our past giving events, including 300 mattresses donated at Acorn Woods Elementary in Oakland, California. >>

Sleep Out America 2019

The number of homeless students in New York City could fill Yankee Stadium more than 2 times.

On November 14, 2019, our executive team will join thousands of people in Yankee Stadium for Sleep Out America to raise awareness and funds for youth homelessness. For one night, they'll sleep outside, just like thousands of homeless kids have to do every night. Join the fight to help end youth homelessness.


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