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Mattresses and Sleep

5 Reasons to Ban Electronics from the Bedroom

5 Reasons to Ban Electronics from the Bedroom

Electronics have seemed to take over all aspects of life. From monitoring your breathing and activity to tracking your REM cycles and keeping grocery lists, technology is at every turn. But how can you get a better night's rest with all of the things competing for your attention? We'll help you put down your devices with these reasons to ban electronics from your bedroom.

How does technology affect sleep?

Sleep is important—it allows your body to recharge so you’re ready for the next day. But did you know that if you’re using your electronic devices at bedtime it could be negatively affecting your sleep? Here are 5 reasons to ban electronics from the bedroom:

1. Blue light keeps you awake.

Your phone, computer, and other electronic devices put off blue light, which stimulates your brain, keeping you awake. You can put a blue-light-blocking screen on your device so you can use them close to bedtime if necessary and still get the sleep you need. A few companies even sell blue-light-blocking glasses that work the same way—this allows you to switch between different devices quickly while protecting your brain and eyes from the blue light.

2. Technology is time-consuming.

We’ve all done it: you go to check one thing on Facebook and before you know it you’ve spent two hours scrolling through social media. When you check social media at night, it can keep you from getting the hours of sleep you need. Try setting a technology curfew in your bedroom and charging your phone somewhere other than your side table. This will also give you more time to spend with your partner, pet or your favorite book.

3. Your bedroom should be for rest and relaxation.

Constant vibrations and dings on your phone keep your mind on the stresses of life and work when you should be winding down for sleep. A technology-free bedroom (by setting a curfew, putting your phone on silent, etc.) can help combat the stress that constant communication can bring. With no phone, TV or computer, you’ll have more time to relax.

4. Technology can be harmful to your health.

Besides keeping you from getting a healthy amount of sleep, which your body needs to stay healthy (just like food and water, your cell phone emits a small amount of radiation. While you’re sleeping and don’t need your phone, it doesn’t need to be nearby. If you have to have your phone in the bedroom, make sure it’s on a table or shelf and not sharing your bed with you.

5. Technology can have a negative impact on your relationships.

If you spend your evenings on your phone or computer, you may be missing ideal quality time with your partner or family. Instead of checking social media and keeping up with your virtual friends, focus on the real people (and animals) in your life.

Don’t get us wrong, technology is great. After all, you used the internet to order your Leesa mattress and accessories (and thank goodness for that!). Just don’t let technology run your bedroom. Instead, spend some quality unplugged time with your loved ones—and of course, your Leesa.

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