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Mattresses and Sleep

5 Ways to Eliminate Bedroom Distractions

5 Ways to Eliminate Bedroom Distractions

Most likely, your bedroom serves many purposes: bedroom, office, living room, play room. It’s where you catch up with your partner, play with your kids, work on your computer and watch TV. With the constant hustle and bustle of your everyday, busy life, your bedroom may not be an oasis where you can escape, but it should be. Try these helpful tips and tricks to eliminate bedroom distractions (especially ones that disrupt your sleep) and turn your bedroom back into your happy place.

How to avoid bedroom distractions that disrupt sleep

Some bedroom distractions are unavoidable—we’ll call them welcome distractions—like your children and pets. Of course, you want your kids to be able come into your bedroom. How else would you have tickle fights and cuddle time? What we’re talking about are unwanted distractions, specifically those that keep you from getting the sleep you need to recover and recharge. Let’s look into unwanted bedroom distractions that disrupt your sleep.

1. Technology

We get it—your bed is comfortable. It may be tempting to camp out and watch Netflix and scroll through your social media feed but try and avoid making these digital distractions a bedroom habit. Technology can distract you for hours and keep you from going to bed when you need to. We’re not saying don’t watch TV in bed, maybe just make a plan. If you’re binge watching a show, set an episode limit per night and stick to it. That way, you’re not up all hours of the night.

It’s also probably not a great idea to have the TV on as background noise while you’re trying to go to bed. The light and noise keep your brain stimulated and may keep you from falling to sleep. Your TV, computer and phone also emit blue light, which keeps your brain stimulated, therefore keeping you from sleep. Not to mention, technology in the bedroom means you’re probably not paying attention to much else going on. Bedtime might be one of the only times you have to catch up with your partner or snuggle with your pets.

2. Work

Your bedroom should be an escape from the craziness of your everyday life, so don’t bring work into it if you can help it. When you bring the stress of work into your bedroom, it’s no longer a peaceful place for you to unwind from your day. If your work computer is an arm’s length away while you’re trying to fall to sleep, you may not be able to de-stress. Instead, you might find yourself worrying about the big project you have due Friday or wondering if you should go over the presentation one more time. Keep the work as minimal as possible to eliminate the bedroom distractions and keep your bedroom relaxing.

3. Clutter

Don’t use your bedroom as storage space. Your bedroom should be relaxing and peaceful and it won’t be if you have a lot of extra stuff and clutter everywhere. We’re not saying don’t decorate—art, curtains and simple personal touches are great and make your room your own. We’re saying don’t keep things in your bedroom that don’t belong there and might distract you.

4. Your Mattress

This may seem obvious, but your mattress could be keeping you from getting the sleep you need. If your mattress is old, lumpy, squeaky or all of the above, it’s probably distracting when you’re trying to wind down for bed (not to mention it’s uncomfortable). Tossing and turning all night and waking up with aches and pains will not leave you feeling recharged and refreshed. Your mattress and sleep set the tone for your day.

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5. Other distractions

We mentioned earlier that kids and pets in bed are great, but not if they’re co-sleepers who keep you up. If having your pet in bed with you all night wakes you up when they move and get in and out of bed, it may be a distraction you need to ban from the bedroom.

The same goes for your kids. Every once in a while, whether it’s because of a bad dream or a thunderstorm, your kids may wind up in bed with you. However, if co-sleeping is happening more and more and the kiddos are keeping your from getting the sleep you need, you may need to set some rules. We know, your kids are adorable (and don’t even get us started on your adorable fur baby), but your sleep is just as important as theirs. Try setting a stay-in-bed time with your children. For example, the kids can’t come into your bedroom until the clock says 6:30 during the week and 8:00 on weekends.

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