Mattresses and Sleep

How do you find the right mattress for how you sleep? Read on for more information about finding your perfect mattress match.

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Mattresses and Sleep

Bed Bases: The Ultimate Guide

Having a great mattress is key to getting better rest, but you may want to consider putting your bed on a base for the best sleep experience. You’ve got a few different options when it comes to a foundation for your mattress, from simple slats to adjustable bases. Check out our base break down to help you decide what base will work best for you.

Do I need a bed foundation?

The short answer is no, you don’t need a bed foundation. However, we suggest that you place your memory foam or hybrid mattress on some kind of base. By putting your Original, Hybrid or Legend mattress on a foundation, you’re giving your mattress the support it needs to support you best, whether you’re lounging around or catching zzz’s.

Because memory foam mattresses like ours are usually a little heavier than traditional mattresses, we do not recommend that you use a box spring under your mattress. Your mattress needs a more solid base—a box spring won’t provide the right amount of support and may lead to uneven sagging in your mattress. We also don’t recommend putting your memory foam mattress on the floor. Not only does carpet provide an uneven, soft base, your mattress is also more vulnerable to allergens, dirt, dust, pet hair and moisture on the floor.

How to choose a bed base

There are many bed base options—from low profile bases to more substantial pieces of furniture—so there’s something for everyone. If you don’t like the look of a traditional bed frame and foundation or want something more minimalistic, you could try a bunky board or slats under your mattress. Both options offer a flat but supportive surface for your bed. A bunky board is a large, flat piece of wood that can sit on the floor, in a bed frame or on a foundation. Slats are individual pieces (usually of wood) that lay across your bed frame or foundation to support your mattress. Many slats even come preconnected to each other, for easy setup. Both bunky boards and slats offer low-profile, low-cost bed base options.

You also have the option of a metal or wood bed base. Metal bases range from a simple bed frame (which usually requires a platform, bunky board or slats on top) to platform beds to adjustable bases. Wood bases offer very similar options as metal bases, from simple platforms to more complex wood frames with head and foot boards. There are tons of options online, so you can find the base that works best for you space and mattress.

At Leesa we offer a few different base options that are perfect for your Leesa Original, Leesa Hybrid or Leesa Legend mattress. Our bed frame and Leesa foundation offer a low profile support system for your mattress and are made with fabric that coordinates with your mattress for an aesthetically-pleasing bedroom. Take your room to the next level with the Leesa platform bed, with sleek wood legs, birchwood slats and the same beautiful fabric that coordinates with your mattress.

What is an Adjustable Base?

 The newest (super cool) bedroom gadget? An adjustable base. While an adjustable base provides the support your mattress needs for you to get good sleep, it also gives you the luxury to position your bed however you like. Lift your head if you’re lounging around (talk about movie night!) or raise both your head and feet for spa-like relaxation.

Yep, you guessed it—for the ultimate sleep experience, we created the Leesa adjustable base, so you can customize your comfort at the push of a button. Like our other base and foundation options, the adjustable base was designed with our mattresses in mind, offering a streamline look and the perfect amount of support for your bed.

If you’re ready to upgrade your sleep, meet Leesa. We have everything you need to create the ultimate sanctuary for better rest.