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How do you find the right mattress for how you sleep? Read on for more information about finding your perfect mattress match.

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Mattresses and Sleep

Care for Your Bedding: How to Wash Your Comforter & Duvet | Leesa

How to Care for Your Bedding

Your bed should be a fresh, clean space where you can relax and recharge. While many Leesa sleepers love the soft, stylish mattress cover that comes on our mattresses and don't want to cover it, we recommend a mattress protector and bedding to help your Leesa give you your best rest for years to come.

How often should I wash my bedding?

While washing sheets and bedding is largely a personal preference, here is a quick and easy go-to guide for when to wash your bedding:

  • Sheets and pillowcases: once a week (more if someone is sick, extra sweaty or both)

  • Duvet and mattress covers: every 4-6 weeks (unless it gets dirty or smelly before then)

  • Pillows and comforters: at least twice a year (some people like to keep on a schedule and wash all when seasons change)

  • Mattress: at least twice a year (once a season, if possible). Read the full article on how to clean your foam mattress. >>

How to Care for your Sheets

Think about all the things that touch your sheets—your skin, lotions and products, your pets, the sticky fingers of your kiddos. This is why it's important to wash your sheets about once a week. After all, they're the thing on your bed you come in contact with most often. Not to mention, going too long with dirty sheets will smell and can lead to illness and infections.

The Good Housekeeping Institute recommends washing your sheets with cold or warm water for most washes and occasionally using hot water to help effectively disinfect your sheets. The same thing goes for any blankets and pillowcases that you come in contact with every night. Keeping your bedding clean will help keep your bed a fresh, relaxing place for you to spend time.

Read the full article on washing your sheets. >>

How to Wash a Comforter

Comforters offer long-term warmth, breathability and comfort on your bed. When they're dirty, there are a few ways to clean them.

Dry Cleaning a Comforter

Most manufacturers recommend dry cleaning comforters, especially down comforters. They have special machines and the know-how to keep your comforter in the best shape.


If you don't want to use the dry cleaners but don't have the washing machine to take on cleaning your comforter at home, head to your local laundromat. The oversized washers and dryers give your down comforter plenty of room to soak, tumble and clean. Use a mild detergent, a gentle wash setting and an extra rinse setting.

Dry your comforter in the XL dryer at a low heat setting. It’ll take a bit longer to dry at such a low heat, but it will help distribute and dry your comforter. For down comforters, a low heat setting will more evenly dry the feathers, so you don’t end up with moisture and mold.

Wash your comforter at home

Some people prefer to wash their comforters at home. Just be careful to not overload your washer and dryer because that may rip your comforter. Before washing, check that there’s enough space for your comforter in the machines. You want them to have enough room to rotate without getting caught on things.

If you feel like your comforter fits properly and you can wash and dry it completely at home, give it a try. For an extra dose of freshness, pick a warm sunny day and let your comforter dry outside in the fresh air.

Putting your Duvet Cover Back on

After you wash your duvet cover, it can be a wrestling match to put the cover back on. Here's our secret to putting on a duvet cover:

1: Turn a clean duvet cover inside out

2: Place the open end of the duvet cover at the foot of the bed

3: Add your clean comforter on top

4: Match up the corners

5: Roll comforter from head of the bed down to the foot

6: Take one end of the rolled comforter and pull it over the open end

7: Unroll in opposite direction

If you're ready to create your bedroom sanctuary, Leesa is here to help. We have awesome mattresses, pillows, bases and accessories for you to get your best rest.