Mattresses and Sleep

How do you find the right mattress for how you sleep? Read on for more information about finding your perfect mattress match.

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It happens all the time—you see a perfect bed in a store display or a dreamy bedroom on Pinterest and you think, “I want that cozy bedroom.” Well, you can have it! Your bedroom should be a relaxing escape from the chaos of everyday life, so give it the attention it deserves to make it a true oasis.

It probably goes without saying, but one of the keys to cozy bedding is a great mattress. If your mattress isn’t comfortable, why would you want to escape to your bedroom to relax and kick your feet up? The Leesa mattress is a premium foam mattress that’s made to adapt to the way you sleep. That means it’s great for you and your partner, even if you have different sleeping styles and body types.

Once you have the perfect mattress, you can start building the ultimate cozy bed.  

Start with the right sheets

Sheets are the base to a comfortable bed. After all, they’re the part of your bed that you touch every night when you crawl in. While you don’t need exuberantly expensive sheets, you also don’t want to buy the cheapest option available. Sheets are also up to your personal preference. If you sleep cold, you may want warmer, thicker sheets, versus if you sleep warm, you probably want something lighter.

The Leesa sheets, for example, were designed with sateen weave cotton and feature 500-thread count comfort. Plus, we partnered with Third to make them, a like-minded linen brand that has a social mission, too. A portion of all of our sheet sales goes to 42nd Street, a charity that supports young people with mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Make your layers picture-perfect

If you look closely, store displays and Pinterest posts usually feature layers of bedding, creating a lavish, comfy look. Try layering pieces on your bed: sheets, blankets, a duvet or quilt. In warm months, you can peel back the layers you don’t need to sleep and use them to stay warm in the cold months.

You can also add pillows to your bed to cozy it up. Besides standard sleeping pillows, decorative pillows add some coziness (not to mention color and a personal touch). Change up your pillow sizes, patterns and textures to add visual interest to your bed. Don’t go overboard, just add enough to make it cozy.

Keep it neat

Adding blankets and throw pillows is fun, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want your bed to look overcluttered or have so many extra things that it’s hard to get into at night.

Creating an inviting, cozy bed is also about how you fold and arrange your bedding. When folding your duvet cover, try doubling the top over on itself instead of pulling it flat to get a similar effect as that store display you loved so much. This will make your duvet cover appear fluffier. Try folding throw blanket neatly but then throw it (hence its name) and see if you like how it lands. This will help complete your messy but put-together, cozy bed look.

Comfort over everything

We know—that fuzzy blanket is super cute, but it’s so itchy! Some things are OK to buy just because they’re cute, but you want your bedding to be cute AND functional. If you have a bed full of itchy, scratchy things, you won't want to cuddle up with any of it when it’s time for bed. When you’re creating the ultimate cozy bed, if you have to have that itchy throw pillow, make sure your other pillows are cuddle-ready.

Create the ultimate cozy bedroom with Leesa. From the Leesa mattress to the Leesa pillow to our sheets and blanket, Leesa will help you create a bed you can’t wait to crawl into every night.