Mattresses and Sleep

How do you find the right mattress for how you sleep? Read on for more information about finding your perfect mattress match.

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Mattresses and Sleep

Reasons an Adjustable Base Will Upgrade Your Sleep

An adjustable base allows you to change your lounging or sleeping position at the push of a button. Raise your head for a movie in bed or both your feet and your head to relieve back pain while you sleep. We’ve broken down some of the benefits of upgrading your sleep with an adjustable base.

By pairing your mattress with an adjustable base, you can:

1. Relax in bed comfortably.

If you’ve ever tried to read, write or even use a computer in bed, you know how frustrating it can be to find a comfortable position. Even with every bed pillow you have, reclining in bed this way is far from relaxing. With an adjustable base, you’ll be able to position your bed to the perfect relaxing position in just a few seconds. Raise your head and feet, kick your feet up and enjoy a good book before bed. Plus, sleeping with your adjustable bed frame in a slightly raised position will help reduce strain on your neck and back. Not to mention, no more frustrating pillow stacking.

With the Leesa Adjustable Base, you can create a zero gravity feel, by elevating your head and knees above your heart. This may help alleviate back pain and lets you fall to sleep faster, especially if you’re a back sleeper.

2. Ease the pain of an injury or illness

Whether you have an injury like a broken leg or a more long-term health issue like arthritis, an adjustable base can make sleeping less painful and even relieve some of the symptoms of these injuries. If you have chronic back pain, for example, your doctor may recommend an adjustable base to control your sleeping position and alleviate pain.

An adjustable bed frame is beneficial for many injuries, including:

  • Back and spine injuries or chronic pain

  • Neck injury or pain

  • Broken leg, ankle, etc. (easy leg elevation)

  • Arthritis pain relief

  • Acid reflux and heartburn relief (elevate head)

  • Improved blood circulation (elevate head and feet)

  • Common cold, sinus infection (elevate head)

It’s important that you have the right mattress for your adjustable bed frame. A foam mattress or hybrid is the best mattress for your adjustable base, so a Leesa or Leesa Hybrid mattress is a great choice.  The foam is flexible and durable, so your mattress holds up, no matter how many times you change your bed position. Plus, both the Leesa and Leesa Hybrid mattresses were designed for core support and pressure relief—the perfect mattress for every body type and sleep position, especially if you have an injury. 

3. Split positions with your partner

Are you a night owl, but your partner likes to go to bed early? Maybe you’re a stomach sleeper but your partner is a back sleeper. Differences in sleeping position and bed preferences are not a problem with an adjustable bed frame. With split options for king mattresses, you and your partner can both be in bed, even if you’re doing different things or prefer different positions.

For king and California king options, the Leesa Adjustable Base is available in a split option. Both you and your partner can sleep more comfortably, in the personalized position of your choice at the push of a button.

4. Reduce snoring

If you or your partner snore, an adjustable bed frame may help you both sleep better. By elevating your head, you’ll breathe better and air will flow more freely. This should alleviate snoring (if not eliminate it). An adjustable base can also help reduce symptoms of congestion, including snoring that is due to drainage and sinuses. You’ll sleep better and your partner will thank you, too.

If you’re ready to upgrade your sleep, try the Leesa Adjustable Base. Whether you prefer to elevate just your head or raise both your head and feet, you’ll get the sleep you need to wake up rested, recharged and pain-free.