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Mattresses and Sleep

Tips for designing a Pinterest-worthy bedroom

You spend a lot of times taking care of others—your partner, your kids, your furry friends. But self-care is just as important.

Your bedroom is probably the place where most of your self-care happens. When was the last time you gave your bedroom a face lift? Giving your bedroom a makeover can make it an enjoyable place to take care of yourself.

If your mind immediately went to the beautifully layered beds and perfectly decorated rooms on your Pinterest boards, you're not alone. Those rooms are #BedGoals. Maybe you're thinking, if I had a Pinterest bedroom, I’d never need a vacation. I'd do all my self-care in my beautiful, relaxing space. The truth is, recreating your ideal, Pinterest-inspired bedroom isn't that hard (and doesn't have to break the bank).

Here are some easy steps to transform your bedroom into a picture-perfect, Pinterest-worthy sanctuary:

Start by finding inspiration

Pull together aspects from different bedrooms that inspire you. This doesn't have to be on a Pinterest board. You can cut out magazines or throw photos from Google into a word document, whatever makes you feel the most inspired.

By starting your own #BedGoals board, you can identify your bedroom style.

Then, based on your inspiration, identify what you have that you can repurpose (this will save a little money!). Can you bring in and switch things from other rooms in your house? Set a budget and comparison shop any new items you want for your space.

Channel your inner Marie Kondo

What does decluttering have to do with decorating and design? Decluttering is a great first step toward creating your Pinterest-worthy bedroom sanctuary.

You want your room to relaxing and serene, but clutter equals chaos. If you're so distracted by the clutter in your room, you won't be able to enjoy your fresh bedding and gorgeous new rug.

What can you find a new home for or get rid of altogether to declutter your space?

Spruce up your walls

Repainting your room may seem daunting and can be expensive, but there are more economical ways to spruce up your bedroom walls.

Try peel-and-stick wallpaper. No paint necessary! Try a pattern or gradient effect on an accent wall or mimic the look of shiplap or painted hardwood for a refreshing pop. Plus, when you're tired of it, just peel it off. Peel-and-stick shouldn't damage your wall or pull of paint.

Store your stuff in style

Who says books have to be lined up vertically on your shelves? Get creative by alternating books stacked vertically and horizontally. Top horizontal stacks with a piece of decor. Invest in some eye-catching bookends to finish the look. You can also add baskets and things to your shelves to store extra pillows and blankets. This can add color and texture.

Floating shelves are also a great option. They save floor space and give you more storage.

Bring in some feng shui

How long has it been since you rearranged the furniture in your bedroom? Could there be a better way to arrange it that not only freshens up the look, but also brings natural energy and good vibes?

For good feng shui in your bedroom, don't put your bed with its long side flat against the wall, under a window or directly opposite your bedroom door. This is because healthy energy you build up while we rest will float out the door or window or get trapped in a corner if the bed isn’t placed right. The best place for your bed to bring feng shui to your space is with the headboard flat against the wall in a spot that is not directly across from your door.

Create a cozy bed

Create a cozy bed with the right bedding (warning: you may never want to leave!). You'll probably want:

  • Comfy, light sheets. Look for sheets made of sateen-weave, organic cotton for soft sheets that only get softer with time. You should use a fitted sheet (the one that fits around your mattress) and a top sheet. Using a top sheet will help keep your comforter clean. It's much easier to wash sheets than your top layer!
  • A quilt, comforter or duvet. If you're a hot sleeper, look for something a little lighter. Then in the winter, add a blanket as another layer for warmth.

Then add the finishing touches with pillows and a throw blanket. The design experts at 1000x Better in Los Angeles say, decorating your bed can be as easy as just “mixing it up.” In other words, don’t stick to a single, solid color for your bed’s entire look.

If you have solid-color sheets, or a single-color comforter, change it up with accessories.

For example, with a solid grey comforter, try some bold colors and patterns in your throw pillows. If you have a striped duvet, keep it simpler with your pillows and blankets. Pick an accent color you like and incorporate it around the room. A cozy bed with layers, pillows and texture will help bring your Pinterest-worthy bedroom to life.

If you're ready to get your best rest, be sure to visit to upgrade your sleep today.