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How to Create the Dreamiest Guest Room | Leesa Sleep

The holidays are right around the corner and while your holiday travel and plans may look a little different this year, if you're having guests come and stay a night or two, you need to make sure your guest space is fresh, cozy and clean. We're sharing our favorite tips for a cozy guest room & some suggestions that may put your guests more at ease during these times.

Tips for Creating a Cozy Guest Room for the Holidays

Other than a good, deep cleaning, creating a cozy guest bedroom will help your guests feel at home (and at ease!) during their stay with you this holiday season.

1. Refresh your mattress & bedding.

Cuddling up with an old, dingy blanket is far less relaxing than snuggling a clean, soft one. And if that guest room mattress is creaky and squeaky, it might be time to get a new one. Guests coming into town is a great excuse to update a few of your bedding pieces. Even by only updating the throw blanket and a few decorative pillows, you can brighten up the room and make it feel more cozy. If you're ready to upgrade the whole setup, we've got your back.

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2. Stock extra linens, just incase.

It may make your guests more comfortable if they have the option to switch out linens themselves, especially if they're staying more than a night or two. Leave an extra set up sheets, pillowcases and some fresh towels in clear site, so they can change them out at will.

3. Bring the smells of the holidays into the bedroom.

Whether you prefer a light, cotton scent or something that makes you think of the season, make your guests feel cozy and relaxed with some candles or an oil diffuser. Try general scents like lavender, cotton or teakwood or spice it up for fall with pumpkin or apple cinnamon.

4. Add some fall decor.

It's easy to bring a little of that "fall feeling" into the bedroom. Whether it's some tasteful pumpkins on the bookshelf or their own mini Christmas tree, add some holiday cheer & your guests will surely feel at home. Learn more about refreshing your space for fall. >>

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Guest Room Deep-Cleaning Checklist

Even if you're just having family in from out of town, you want them to be able to feel at home and as comfortable as possible during their visit. Ensure that they're coming into a clean, fresh space with this Guest Room Deep-Cleaning Checklist:  

  • Deep clean your guest room mattress with a vacuum & add a mattress protector if you don't have one on the bed already. (Read our full How to Clean Your Mattress guide here. >>)
  • Refresh your guest room bedding by cleaning your sheets and duvet or quilt (or consider an upgrade if your bedding has seen better days!).
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum your guest room. After a long, hot summer, your floors can probably use a little love. Slide the bed out and get behind the headboard, too.
  • Dust, dust, dust! Especially those areas in the guest room that you don't hit regularly like molding and windowsills.
  • Clean the guest bathroom thoroughly, especially if it's a bathroom you don't use regularly.
  • Clean all surfaces, including: the tops of your dresser and side tables, mirrors, door handles, etc.
  • Touch-up paint. Look for any chips or scuff marks and give them a fresh coat for a clean look.

It's also not a bad idea during these times to leave a few cleaning supplies out for guest use. This isn't you asking them to clean behind them, but rather something to ease their minds. If wiping down the bathroom counter a few times during their stay makes them more comfortable, let them! You can never be too clean.

We also recommend having a few of these items around the house & using them a few times a day if you're having guests come in and out:

  • A few bottles of hand sanitizer, placed in high traffic areas (kitchen, front entrance, common bathroom),
  • Some disinfectant wipes near the entryway to make wiping down door handles easy and top of mind,
  • A few extra disposable masks. Some guests may be more comfortable keeping a mask on. Have a few on hand incase they forgot theirs.