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Leesa Delivers Luxury Mattresses to Your Door

Leesa Unveils Redesigned Mattress Experience That Delivers Affordable Luxury to Your Door

Company receives positive early reviews and coast-to-coast purchases of its luxury mattress

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (Jan. 20, 2014)Leesa, a new sleep company redesigning the mattress from the inside out, today announced the availability of an American-made, high-quality mattress shipped to your door.

Leesa has done away with the awkward mattress showroom experience. With online-only availability, Leesa offers customers a hassle-free buying experience and delivers any size mattress that’s compressed, boxed and shipped within three to five business days. Every size mattress costs less than $1,000.

“Americans spend $20 billion a year looking for better sleep in a mattress store,” said David Wolfe, CEO of Leesa. “We believe the search is over. Our beautifully designed and crafted mattress is affordable, easy to buy and extremely comfortable, helping people improve their sleep quality, which is important for overall health.”

Even before Leesa formally announced the launch of its website, customers in the 48 contiguous U.S. states found the site and purchased the mattress. The early success already has the attention of mattress experts. The influential blog The Mattress Nerd, believes Leesa compares favorably with mattresses that cost 2-3 times more. They dubbed the Leesa mattress “an excellent value.”

Plus, a testimonial from “Chad J.” sums up a string of five-star customer reviews on the Leesa website: “I am now sleeping better than ever.”

“We took our time with Leesa to create a product that’s visually appealing and incredibly comfortable,” said Mitch Murphy, Leesa’s chief designer. “As the five-star reviews suggest, people can tell right away Leesa is unlike any mattress they’ve experienced.”

The uniquely designed Leesa mattress comes in all standard sizes and is available for purchase now in the contiguous United States. Each mattress offers the comfort, support, and universal feel everyone needs to sleep better.

For those concerned about purchasing a mattress online without first testing in-store, Leesa provides a 100 night, risk-free in-home trial, backed by a full refund policy and free shipping.

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About Leesa

Leesa is an online luxury mattress company that offers 100 percent American-made mattresses delivered directly to your door with a universal feel that everybody needs to sleep better. The 10-inch mattress comes in all standard mattress sizes and features three layers of high quality foam: a two-inch perforated premium comfort top layer that offers better airflow and a cooler night’s sleep, a two-inch memory foam middle layer that provides body contouring and pressure relief, and a six-inch core foam that provides stability, durability and core support. Leesa mattresses also feature a beautifully-designed, seamless four-stripe cover that is woven from one piece of polyester-blend fabric. All Leesa mattresses ship straight to your doorstep within 3 to five business days. Leesa also offers a 100 night risk-free trial, free shipping on all mattresses, and no-hassle returns. For more information,

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