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Last Minute Halloween Costumes you Have Around the House

Halloween is right around the corner. Have you figured out what you're going to be or are you still deciding? We're here to help, with 5 easy, last-minute costumes that you probably already own.

5 Easy Halloween Costumes you Have Around the House

1. Turn old sheets into a spooky ghost

Get rid of your old sheets and turn them into the perfect halloween costume. Cut holes for your eyes and draw on a spooky (or smiling) mouth. You can even cut holes for your arms. A big sheet is enough material for two kid's ghost costumes so you can be a family of ghosts.

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2. Wear pajamas

This one is super easy and cute (although we might be a little biased). Put on your favorite pair of pajamas, wear a sleep mask as a headband and grab an adorable stuffed animal. If it's a cold night and you'll be outside, wear another layer under your pajamas or throw on a robe and some cozy slippers. Get the whole family to wear pajamas and have a true slumber party!

3. Build a robot suit from boxes

Use all those online shopping boxes (no judgement!) to build a robot suit. Use packing tape to assemble and spray paint your suit silver or grey and for a shiny, "metal" look. Top it off with some silver face paint and a silver party hat.

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4. Wear your favorite sports gear

Repping your favorite sports team is the perfect last-minute halloween costume. Put on your favorite jersey, hat and accessories and you're good to go. Take it a step further by wearing eye-blacks under both eyes or painting them on with face paint of makeup.

Bonus points if you have a pom-pom or foam finger. You're the ultimate fan!

5. Make a costume from clothes in your closet

Your costume doesn't have to be overly complicated or involve a craft. Look in your closet for inspiration. Here are few easy costumes with clothes you already have.

  • Rosie the Riveter: an all-jean outfit and a red bandana or headband
  • Men in Black: a black suit with a white shirt and dark sunglasses
  • A bandit or mime: a black-and-white striped shirt with a black mask for a bandit and a white face and beret for a mime
  • Twins: grab your partner or a friend and wear the same outfits, hairstyle and all!
  • Cowboy or cowgirl: plaid shirt, jeans and a cowboy hat
  • Dress as your husband or wife: raid your partner's closet and dress as they typically do
  • Dress your kid as an old man or woman: a set of pearls and a cardigan or suspenders and fake glasses


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