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Sleep Like The Dead: Partner Edition

Sleep tips and ideas for couples sharing a bed.

Two basic human needs — love and sleep. If you share a bed with your significant other, you get the love but maybe not so much the sleep. Here are some specific situations and solutions regarding how to synchronize your snooze time and remove “No Sleep” from your vocabulary.


The National Sleep Foundation gives us the bad news: about 37 million adults snore habitually, and your partner is most likely one of them (what are the odds?). And the longer you stay together,the worse it will get, because snoring increases with age. If it’s any consolation, snoring is not good for the snorer either. In many cases, snoring comes from sleeping on your back; the old standby of rolling or gently pushing the afflicted should get results. Either way, sleep deprivation is a serious issue, and snoring affects both partners.

Sleeping positions.

Sorry, partners, cuddling and sleeping are not the same thing. When it comes to sleeping, some people need to become independent contractors. In fact, most people need some me-space to inch their way into sleep mode. On Friends, Ross’ offered the “hug and roll” as a solution, which is so right-on that it actually earned a place in the Urban Dictionary.

  • ROSS: Okay, you're in bed. She's over on your side, cuddling. Now you wait for her to drift off, and then you hug her and roll her back over to her side of the bed. And then you rollll a-way. Hug for her! Roll for you.

  • CHANDLER: Okay, the old hug and roll.

Try easing out of cuddle time and into your own sleep position as soon as possible for the maximum sleep time.

The Blanket Grab.

It’s stressful to sleep with a blanket hog. Try separate blankets underneath the comforter or quilt. This will eliminate the “I’m too hot” or “I’m too cold” tug of war. It will also diffuse the power of the more forceful blanket grabber. Assert your individuality while saving - and even strengthening - your union.

Upgrade your linens and pillows.

When your sheets are stiff, itchy or worn you are more likely to be uncomfortable. Pillows can play a huge part in the amount of sleep you and your partner get: studies show that a well balanced supportive pillow keeps your neck and back in alignment. Try the Leesa pillow for a cooling memory foam experience.

Ideal Sleep Temperature.

Experts recommend 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit, but they’re not in bed with you two. Some solutions to consider: compromise on the temperature range (somewhere in the middle is only fair), or be a sport and dress according to your partner’s preferences (for instance, thicker pajamas, or lighter pajamas). Also try upgrading your mattress - The Leesa Premium Memory Foam Mattress has a cooling, premium foam top layer to reduce body temperature heat.

Mattress Motion Isolation.

A restless sleeper will make it feel like you’re attempting to doze off while on a raft in an angry ocean. Good luck with that. Everybody tosses and turns here and there, but restless leg syndrome and deep sleepers who toss and turn aggressively are no joke. Try separate blankets, which will help create two sleep spaces. Also, get yourself a quality memory foam mattress like the Queen Leesa mattress to reduce and localize mattress movement.

Get a Bigger Bed.

Many people are tempted by a full-size bed because it’s less expensive than a queen size. Also, in many cases, the beloved who moves in is going to share the bed that’s already there, which in many cases is the full. Full-size mattresses are not intended for couples, no matter how much you love to snuggle and cuddle. Sleep with your partner in a full-size bed and you lose up to twenty-seven inches of personal space!

Bed Position.

Think of your bed like Baby in Dirty Dancing: don’t put it in a corner. Make sure that you position your bed so that you are able to walk around all three sides of it. Of course, this is not always doable, especially if you share a small apartment as well as a bed. If possible, strategize the room so that the bed is not up against the wall. If you are a lighter sleeper than your partner, or if Mother Nature calls during the night, opt for the outer side. What you’ll avoid: climbing over your partner in the middle of the night, which is not as much fun as when you are both awake.

Separate Bedtimes.

On The Brady Bunch, Mr. and Mrs. Brady always went to bed at the same time. In the real world, you may have a different work schedule than your beloved, or you may be a night owl or an early bird. Talk it over --it may be okay for you to go to bed at a different time, which should mean: when you’re tired. Even more fun: schedule cuddling time.

Technology and Sleep.

Your partner may need to be lulled to sleep by a late-night TV host, a podcast, or music. Compromise with a timer (15 minutes tops). You can also try a sleep mask, a white-noise machine or app that masks unwanted sounds, or ear plugs. Know that ear plugs are good at deadening sound, but they don’t block out everything, so don’t expect them to. When your alarm goes off, you’ll most likely hear it.

Sleep in the Dark.

If you’re the one who prefers it dark when falling asleep, then you’re the one who’s doing sleepright. Experts say that darkness cues your brain to produce the hormone melatonin, which puts your mind and body into sleep mode. Your sleep mate may have been conditioned to fall asleep accompanied by light. Try a compromise: a very low-wattage lamp that doesn’t get in your line of vision, or try a Goodnight Bulb that reduces the blue light emitted from TV screens and smartphones.

Ready to Sleep?

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