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We're excited to be
partnering with Soma

Bringing you thoughtful
products for a healthier you

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Soma x Leesa Partnership

Free Soma water bottle
with pillow purchase

For a limited time, get a FREE Soma glass water bottle with any premium foam or hybrid pillow purchase.

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Live well & stay hydrated

Stay hydrated with your sustainable Soma glass water bottle & get your best rest with your new favorite Leesa pillow.

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About Soma

We love partnering with fellow B Corporations.

Some creates hydration, filtration, coffee and tea products that are not only beautiful and effective, but are also sustainably designed.

Soma x Leesa Partnership

Are hydration and sleep connected?
Spoiler: yes!

When you don't drink enough water, you may feel thirsty, dizzy and all around just "off, " but did you know that dehydration impacts how you sleep?

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Soma x Leesa Partnership

Good sleep habits = a healthier life

Getting good quality rest is important. Check out these tips and tricks for a healthier night's sleep (and all-around healthier you!)

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